2. April 2017


You want to experience first hand how it feels to live and sleep in a real Maasai village? With Namayiana Safaris we open our houses for you. You are invited to live with us like we do it for centuries.

Sleep in a Maasai house
Inside a Maasai house
Maasai house construction
Milking the cows
Maasai man with his dogs
Maasai men making fire the traditional way
Two visitors trying to make fire
Visitors in the Maasai village
Women with earrings

Whether you want to sleep for just one night during your safari trip or you have the desire to stay a bit longer, we can promise you: you will never forget this experience. A typical Maasai house is made out of cowdung, mud and clay and takes about two months to construct. It’s the home to one family and consists of different rooms for the parents, children, guests and of course our little calfs and goats. The fireplace in the middle of the house is the meeting point when the sun has set and the night is falling. We cook our dinner, have the best african chai you can imagine, exchange the latest news while the kids slowly fall asleep. It will surely be one of the coziest nights in your life.

Our mornings start early with the rising sun and milking of the cows. The kids go to school, the men take the cows for grazing and the ladies take care of the household with collecting firewood and water or doing their colourful jewelry out of beads.

Whatever you want to learn and experience yourself, we love to show and teach you what there is to know. You decide!

Important information: If you combine your villagestay with a safari, we plan your itinerary in a way that you don't miss your hot shower every day.