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People standing in the middle of a construction site of a house. The wooden posts are up and some of the walls are woven in.

A Maasai house – Building a Home in the Maasai Mara

„When do you build your house here?“- a question Mpairos Family asked me all the time when I visited Kenya. And my answer was always: „Maybe next time!“. And now this „next time“ has come. Mpairo and I decided to build a house – a typical Maasai house. For us and for those of you, Read more about A Maasai house – Building a Home in the Maasai Mara[…]

Go on a Nature Walk

Have you ever been on a walking safari or do you prefer the comfort of a nice car taking you around the parks? I can just give you the advice: if you have the chance, do a safari by foot and “off the beaten tracks.” It’s worth it! While tracking down animals, try to think Read more about Go on a Nature Walk[…]

What to do in … Nairobi

Sooner or later everyone has to pass the bustling capital of Kenya. With the International Airport Jomo Kenyatta most of the Safari experiences begin here. And Nairobi is always worth a visit. Despite its bad reputation and unflattering nickname “Nairobbery“, the continents 14th biggest city is a great gateway to Africas culture and lifestyle. If you follow Read more about What to do in … Nairobi[…]

Reasons to visit Africa: Four elephants are enjoying a mud bath in a beautiful green landscape. The biggest elephant is using it's trunk to throw mud on it's back.

10 Reasons for going to Africa

The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to. “The endless wide of nature…” That’s my first answer if someone asks me, what I love about Africa. If you never drove through the vast and lonely emptiness of Namibia or Read more about 10 Reasons for going to Africa[…]