4. May 2022

Namayiana Safari Camp

Make a deposit of 1000 euros for your trip to the Maasai Mara worth 5000 euros, become a friend, and contribute to community development in the villages of Olooloimutia, Kenya


Your 1000 euros will be invested in Namayiana Safari Camp with a view over the Maasai Mara. In return, you can stay there for 50 nights for free with your family, your friends, your professional team, and/or your retreat group worth 100 euros per person per night. You decide who from your network uses these vouchers, with or without your presence. The vouchers can be used in the low season.

50% Of the net profit of Namayiana Safari Camp will be invested in social entrepreneurship and development projects by the local population. If you wish, you can be involved in this process and join the idea development during our community campfire meetings.

What are we going to do with your 1000 euros?

We are going to build a basecamp with 6 tents and 12 sleeping places and a large associated room with a kitchen to gather for breakfast and dinners, relaxation, and/or self-organized group activities.
The outreach activities can be undertaken from the basecamp for which we will purchase1 Landcruiser.

Which 100 people are we looking for?

  • Individuals who can spare 1000 euros before the 1st of July 2022 (we want to be up and running on April 1st, 2023)
  • Tourist operators that organize Special Journeys
  • Travelers who like an adventure with family and/or friends
  • People who like to be closer to (human) nature and who are genuinely interested in the culture of the local communities
  • Ambitious people who passionately want to contribute to 'last mile development', the socio-economic development of the village of Olooloimutia
  • Entrepreneurs and organizations that want to organize 'team impact journeys' and 'tribal' campfire gatherings
  • 'Gurus' who want to organize silence or yoga retreats in the context of personal development
  • 'Shamans' who want to experience the traditional healing methods of the Masai
  • Anyone for whom (one of) the above applies and is looking for lifelong hospitality on location, 'storytelling' and 'sharings' with the Maasai, and connection with mother earth.

Oloolaimutia Community

In Kenya, we contribute to the so-called ‘last mile´ health care development. The Maasai Community in Olooloimutia, about 6 hour drive southwest of Nairobi, is a village community on the edge of the Maasai Mara with limited access to social infrastructure facilities. Here we hook on the problems of the residents and ambitions of the health workers in the village.

We use the Community Based Approach whereby we first visualize the existing situation and ambition and pick up supported solutions from the members of the community. Then, we will look at how we can make a difference on a small scale.

At the moment Namayiana Safaris supports the Maasai community in different ways. We employ local guides for safaris or walks and help the Maasai ladies to get income by selling jewelry and decoration to our guests. Guests who decide to sleep in our guesthouse pay a Fee per Person per night for our school fund in the village. Moreover, people who visit a Maasai village pay a fee to Oloolaimutia Primary school.
We are also always looking for people who want to support a child with school fees. At the moment we pay them for three Kids.
Last month we also had a small Fundraiser to buy hay for our starvi

Get an insight into our life in the Maasai Mara

Maasai man sitting on a stone high above the Mara. He is enjoying the view.
Experience Maasai culture in Kenya. Maasai man standing in front of a typical Maasai house out of mud, cow dung and clay. Gras is grwoing on the roof.