2. April 2017

Warrior skills

You want to experience what it feels like to be a Maasai warrior? Learn how to throw a speer or use bow and arrow? Our teachers will give you an insight in all the different warrior skills. Something they have been taught for centuries.

Young Maasai with lion hat
Young Maasai Warrior
Maasai men dancing

Becoming a warrior, or “Ol-Moran”, was and is the greatest honour in our society. But our traditions are changing at the moment: our kids are going to school and living in the wild for several years seems impossible. Despite the modern times, we still try to keep and prevent these skills.

With Namayiana Safaris you get the ultimate chance to learn the knowledge we have been passing on from generation to generation. Learn how to throw the speer - our everyday weapon to defend our cattles from attacking wild animals like lion or elephant. Or get to know about the difficult technique of using bow and arrow.

And the end of your lessons we can just advise you to sit around the bonfire with our eldest people. They tell us the stories of former times, their brave encounters with big animals of Kenya and moments where they escaped their adventures by the hair of an elephants tail.